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Jo Koy is a popular stand up comedian whose well known for his two Netflix specials, Jo Koy: Live from Seattle and Jo Koy: Comin' In Hot. Koy draws inspiration from his 17 year old son, his Filipino-American family, and now, quarantine. As of a May 22nd Instagram post, Koy is preparing for the premiere date for his newest Netflix project Jo Koy: In His Elements which hits the platform June 12th. In an IG Live with Josh McBride, he talks about love of performing, adapting to the new normals, and more.

Koy Praises Social Media During this Time

In order to stay relevant and successful in an ever changing industry like comedy can be challenging. With social media keeping people updated on their favorite celebrities, Koy is thankful for ability to engage his fans, saying:

"If this would have happened in 1995, it would have been really, really bad. It probably would have ended a lot of careers."

How Family Impacts Jo Koy's Comedy

In this adorable Instagram post, Koy and his son Joseph debuted the newest member of their family, Sir Wynnston. When asked about his quarantine, Koy says he is enjoying spending the time home with his son.

"I was going 150 mph, it was a new city every day and that was going on for a year. I've been with my son the whole time everyday and I am loving it."

Adapting to a New Style of Comedy

Koy also talks about postponing tour dates, writing a new style of comedy and, of course, family time. He says that some time around October we can anticipate his tour to come back.

"For the safety of everybody, we got to postpone it. We did move it to the fall."

You can check out Jo Koy's new Netflix special In His Elements coming June 12th.

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