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If you're looking for Halloween plans this year, the Grande family has you covered.

God is a woman... and her name is Joan Grande.

Mama G is throwing the biggest Halloween party all weekend in Los Angeles.

Mama G's Halloween Happenings 2021 is bringing together all of the best Halloween essentials to bring this spooky party to life!

This inaugural spectacular will feature special events including the world premiere of the original musical Horror Camp: A Musical Massacre starring Frankie Grande, Tony Award winner Marissa Jaret Winokur, Emma Hunton, Constantine Maroulis, Sterling Sulieman, and Maya Tomlin.

Frankie Grande and Marissa Jaret Winokur opened up on their excitement to be back on stage, especially for Halloween.

"I'm just excited because Halloween's back y'all! I asked all my friends to be part of this event. I'm so excited for our celebrity drag hosts... Shangela, Eureka, my girl Rhea Litre. We have some amazing talent," Grande said.

"We have a lot of Broadway talented people that live in Los Angeles. I'm really excited to be in front of an audience again and just be live," Winokur said.

The two are also premiering their new musical, Horror Camp: A Musical Massacre, which celebrates the most iconic horror characters as they come to life in the most frightening setting of all time…a summer camp!

"If you're a fan of any of the horror killers that exist and a friend of musicals, imagine those two things put into a blender together. It's going to be campy," Grande said.
"It's a parody. What I love about this the most, is that it's music you all know within a theatrical twist. I've been looking around and there's not a lot to do in Los Angeles this Halloween and Mama G has taken care of that. There's plenty to do. You have no excuse not to go out," Winokur said.

Only one Mama G could pull this off... Joan herself!

As an avid fan of Halloween, Joan is going all out and living up to her spooky reputation.

"I've always been known for my Halloween parties on the east coast. I have to introduce the west coast to the east coast Mama G. My parties last forever and they can include anything you can think of. Every party of mine is a multi-tiered event and that's what I'm trying to do here and introduce LA to it, because they don't know this. They know me as Mama to Frankie and Ariana and that's what they know. East coast is different. They know because they've been coming to my Halloween parties for a long time," Grande said.

Mama G has also been throwing iconic Halloween parties, especially during Frankie and Ariana's childhoods.

"Ariana... I'm dipping her little two-year-old hands in red paint and putting the bloody handprints across my walls. I had to repaint my house after every Halloween. That's the truth!"

Mama G's Halloween Happenings 2021 will take place at the historic Bourbon Room in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, October 28th through Sunday, October 31st.

To learn more and get tickets to Mama G's Halloween Happenings 2021, click here.

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