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Celebrity Page TV's Co-Executive Producer Michael Kelley is at the scene of the White House where President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are taking their places in office.

Celebrity Page TV's parent company, Equal Entertainment, works to advance equality and advocate for social justice. EE partner and CPTV co-executive producer Michael Kelley is keeping us updated on the live events unfolding in Washington D.C. as we introduce a historic administration into our government.

According to Kelley, President Biden headed straight to the oval office as his term begins, signing more than a dozen of executive orders.

Overlooking the scene, Kelley describes the entailments of some of these orders, which include,

"the moratorium on rents, extending the pause on payments for student loans, as well as providing more relief for Covid, including vaccines and testing."

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Celebrity Page TV

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Despite a wild and unprecedented year in the entertainment business, the 2021 Golden Globes will honor the films, shows, and people that helped us get through the past year. With so many outstanding works and performances in contention to win big tonight, we'll be live posting everything that happens! Join us below for real time updates for one of Hollywood's biggest nights.

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