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The sky is the limit for Joel Corry!

Joel Corry is making his dreams come true!

The star is adding more hits to his caliber, including his latest songs "I Wish (feat. Mabel) and "What Would You Do? (feat. David Guetta and Bryson Tiller)." Now, the DJ helped close out Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas with a magnetic and memorable set.

"I'm absolutely living my dream. I just played EDC. That was mind-blowing. This was the biggest festival I've ever played at. The last few months have just been an absolute whirlwind and I'm loving every minute of it. I've been doing this since I was 16 years old and I've always dreamt of playing on main stages like that. I couldn't be happier," Corry said.

Corry has had an unbelievably packed schedule since his first major performance in Las Vegas at the Life is Beautiful festival back in September. In fact, we hung out with the star just before his set, which you can read all about here.

"I try to stay present. Adrenaline is just rushing! Life is Beautiful was my first ever time performing in Vegas. Now, I'm here nearly every week. I can't quite believe what's going on. Touring over in the USA has been incredible and [EDC] has been the icing on the cake. This summer's going to be the biggest yet."

Speaking of his summer schedule, the DJ dropped his entire schedule on Instagram. Safe to say, Corry will be performing all of his biggest hits in every corner of the world.

"It's very validating for me. Music is my life. I don't have anything outside of that, I'm just obsessed with it. I want more! I love touring. I can live on tour. I have a whole residency in Ibiza, so I'm going to be based there for four months. I'm also playing the main stage at Tomorrowland. I'm ready for more adventures [and] more great parties. This is the biggest year of my life and I'm ready to go!"

As Corry takes in every moment, the star opened up on his recent experiences working with his idols and dream collaborators.

"David Guetta has been a huge inspiration for me my whole life. I was always playing David's records at 16 years old in the clubs. 'BED' was our first collaboration and since then, we just hit it off. He's such a legend and I'm lucky to be friends with him. For 'What Would You Do?,' Bryson Tiller heard the demo and loved it. It was his first dance track that he was involved with, so it was a new direction for him. I'm so glad he chose my record to do that. Let me tell you, he's the coolest guy. He's so cool, that he makes you feel uncool!"

Another top collaborator includes Mabel, who worked with Corry on "I Wish."

"Mabel is such a lovely girl and an amazing artist. When I released my song 'Sorry,' I was always asked who I wanted to collaborate with and I always said I wanted to work with Mabel! I spoke it into existence. It's a wholesome record and I love the meaning of the song."

While chatting about his songs, the DJ teased some new music coming down the pipeline.

"I can't give it away. I have something coming soon. If you go on my Instagram, you might be able to guess. There's going to be a banger this summer!"

Until then, keep up with Joel and check out his tour dates on his website.

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