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A lot of people can say they support civil rights. But few of us can say, we were there, from the beginning, fighting for those rights. Rep. John Lewis is one of those rare individuals...

Good Trouble on VOD

John Lewis worked side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. John Lewis marched on Selma and was nearly beaten to death by police. John Lewis spoke at the March on Washington. John Lewis became a congressman. Rep. John Lewis continues to fight for all of us on Capitol Hill even as he battles cancer. Congressman John Lewis is a true American hero. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by watching this new documentary about his life. It's available now On Demand.

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Joe Biden

(DEVELOPING) After a tumultuous and violent two and a half months, Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States today. Outgoing president Donald Trump departed the White House early this morning, taking Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago. As the historic day unfolds, watch today's events with us as a new era of government in the U.S. begins.


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It's a brand new week, and to help you stay up to date, we're helping you sift through the latest news from Hollywood. Since it's the new year, and there's definitely a lot going on. From new DIY shows to one-on-one interview with big time stars, we have a jam-packed show for you this week.

The Campaign, 2012

As a DC native, inauguration day, much like the entire month of August, and anytime an ambassador decides they want a limo ride, is a day to stay inside. The city is jammed packed with tourists and traffic eager to see our new President take the reins. This year will be a little different, but we'll be inside just the same. And while you're inside, here's some political movies and TV shows to get you ready for inauguration day.