John Mulaney and Seth Meyers

For comedian John Mulaney this past year has been eventful, to say the least.

On Tuesday night, Seth Meyers invited Mulaney onto Late Night with Seth Meyers. The two Saturday Night Live alums chatted about Mulaney's whirlwind of a year. Mulaney started off by addressing his controversial appearance on the show last year in which he donned a trench coat and oversized sunglasses. Despite denying being under the influence at the time, he did admit that he relapsed following the Halloween episode of SNL, which he hosted.

Mulaney then discussed an intervention, hosted by Meyers, that ultimately led him to return to to rehab. Mulaney went on to confirm the rumors that he is in fact dating actress Olivia Munn. However, Mulaney then announced that the two are expecting a child together. Despite a few jokes here and there, Mulaney earnestly thanked his friend for helping him realize that he had a drug problem:

"I love you Seth. You guys saved me from drugs and Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself and this early journey out of recovery. I don't have a joke for that. I am really grateful to you buddy. I love you."

John Mulaney is currently touring the country in John Mulaney: From Scratch. Click here for more information.

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