Rising Pop Star Johnny Orlando Releases New EP 'It's Never Really Over' | Celebrity Page
The young singer has a new EP out for fans to enjoy!

'It's Never Really Over' Drops Today! 🎧

Johnny Orlando has officially released his third EP, It's Never Really Over, today!

The 17 year-old Toronto based singer has an immensely dedicated fan base, with over six million Instagram followers and over 300 million streams. The star hopped on Zoom to chat all about his new music with our Social Producer, Ricky Cornish.

"We've been sitting on these songs for so long. It's always weird when you put out music, but it's especially crazy when it's a whole project like this, so I'm very excited."

His latest single, "Everybody Wants You," garnered over two million views in just two weeks! You've also heard Johnny's pipes on TikTok, with his hit track "What If (I Told You I Like You)" gaining a ton of traction with over 13 million videos made.

"This EP is all about my progression in the last year and a half. It's amazing to me that it's finally coming out, I cannot wait for you guys to hear it. I love you. Thank you for your support!"

You can download and stream It's Never Really Over today. Congrats Johnny!

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