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Wedding bells are ringing for our Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett!

When it comes to American movies, Jonathan Bennett has pretty much done it all.

Fans know him from his breakout role in Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen, and his history-making Hallmark movie... The Christmas House.

Now, he’s taking on a whole new challenge by playing an imaginary version of Jesus Christ in the film Potato Dreams of America.

"I play gay Jesus Christ! That's a sentence I never thought I'd say before. Potato, which is the character's name, grew up gay. Potato imagines me, Jesus Christ, as his best friend. If Potato is gay... that means I'm gay Jesus," Bennett said.

Outside of his film career, Jonathan is gearing up for his exciting wedding day with Celebrity Page TV's Jaymes Vaughan.

"We're in wedding planning hell, so that's all we're focused on for the next couple of months."

If you need a refresher on how Jaymes and Jonathan met on our show, check out the video below.

Potato Dreams of America is available now in theaters and on demand.

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