Joseph-Gordon Levitt Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of 'Inception' | Celebrity Page
Rachel Smith is going one-on-one to hear from the star himself!

'Inception' Celebrates Ten Years! 🎉

Joseph-Gordon Levitt is just one of the stars celebrating the tenth anniversary of Inception this month.

Leonardo DiCaprio starred alongside Levitt in the film, which earned nearly a-billion dollars at the box office. The movie also won multiple Oscars and helped cement Christopher Nolan's reputation as one of the most bankable directors in Hollywood.

The film means so much to so many fans that Warner Bros. is hoping to re-release it into theaters on July 31st!

The re-release would celebrate the tenth anniversary and also build hype for Nolan's next project.. Tenet.

By the looks of the trailer, Tenet boldly follows Inception's footsteps with tons of action and a mind-bending plot.

The big question now...when will Tenet be released? With movie theaters still shut down, it remains an open question.

As we wait, we say happy 10th anniversary to Inception!

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