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It's no secret that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man of many talents.

Wolfboy is an animated series that follows the titular character as he embarks on fantastical adventures.

"So much of Wolfboy is about supporting the creator of the show Toff Mazery who I've known for years. Toff is just such a brilliant artist and I wanted to support him," Gordon-Levitt said.

Gordon-Levitt pulls double duty as both a star and executive producer on the show. The star put a lot of energy in this show as a love letter to his children.

"I feel like a lot of what's put out there for kids is a little just hyper-stimulating and empty. So, it really does feel good to put something out that's got a sincere heart and a moral to the story," Gordon-Levitt said.

The star lends his voice to a character named Professor Luxcraft. Gordon-Levitt's character helps guide Wolfboy along the way on his creative journey.

One of Gordon-Levitt's co-stars is rising young star Archie Yates, who plays Wolfboy's friend, Sprout.

"This show may all be about like your creativity is magical and it can take you everywhere you want to go. For me, the most important message that Sprout delivers, in my opinion, is that you can't let your fear hold you back. Otherwise, life would just be miserable," Yates said.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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