Joseph Gordon-Levitt Celebrates Passion Project With New Series 'Mr. Corman' | Celebrity Page

The star wrote, directed and starred in the latest Apple TV+ drama.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or JGL, has been gracing our screens since the 90's with lead roles in movies such as Inception, 10 Things I Hate About You, Knives Out and more.

Chatting with Rachel Smith, Levitt's new project is one that he holds near and dear to his heart as he took full creative control.

"I've had so many lucky breaks but you know, I took a couple years off show business when I became a dad, and the fact that I was able to come back and do this show... This is not a normal slam dunk TV show. It doesn't exactly fit in to any particular established genre and they just said... 'We trust you, so go for it.' How lucky is that?"

Mr. Corman is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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