#MDLLA's Josh Flagg Spills Tea On Co-Listing With Josh Altman | Celebrity Page
The #MDLLA OG is chatting about the exciting new season!

#MDLLA is Back! 📺

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles is back for season 12, and Josh Flagg is still in the thick of the drama. Working together with his rival, Josh Altman, is one of the main storylines of the season.

Talking about their competitive relationship, Flagg saying:

"The problem is that we're so similar, which is why we always go head-to-head, but I'm a little more refined."

Fredrik Joins The Team 🏠

Fredrik Eklund is also moving from New York to Los Angeles and is joining the cast this season! While Josh Altman may not be too happy with the addition, Josh Flagg is elated...

"I'm very friendly with him. I'm happy that he's here. I would guess that Josh Altman is not going to like it..."

Josh Opens Up About Being Out On TV 🏳️‍🌈

While he is an OG for on the Bravo hit, the reality star opened up his initial fears of being gay on national TV...

"Actually, I don't think I was really out on TV until maybe the first three or four seasons. If I can do anything to help or to change people's lives, it's great."

Keep waving that flag, Josh! 🏳️🌈

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