Wedding Crashers' Isla Fisher and Frozen's Josh Gad have both been cast as leads in Peacock's new genre-bending series, Wolf Like Me. The show is set to be a six-part adult drama that combines slapstick comedy with emotionally weighted trauma. The story is said to follow Fisher and Gad's characters as they navigate vulnerability and learn to love again.

Creator, director, and writer Abe Forsythe, best known for his sci-fi horror film Little Monsters, is thrilled to get the chance to experiment with genre again, this time combining horror and romantic comedy. He's also excited to work with Fisher and Gad, stating,

"Casting Josh and Isla was a big step in ultimately articulating one of the main themes of this show, which is don’t judge a book by its cover. This is not the usual way that I’ve seen them, which is what I’m asking the audience to do with the characters."

Wolf Like Me is set in an Australian suburb, and follows the story of Gad's character as he mourns the death of his wife and tries to connect with his teenage daughter. It will also follow Fisher's character, Gad's multi-talented neighbor with a dark secret. Both actors are personal friends, and excited to finally get the chance to work with each other. They also place stock in Forsythe's vision, with Fisher claiming,

“We trusted the authenticity of the characters, even though the circumstances are ridiculous.”

Peacock has been heavily promoting the heart of the story and the drama around Gad and Fisher's characters. In contrast, the exact "horror" elements to the story have been keep tightly under wraps. Forsythe wishes to play with audience's expectations, and hopes that his story can bring some "level of catharsis" to viewers.

Wolf Like Me is set to premiere January 13 on Peacock.

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