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Cooking | Simplified with Josh McBride

Josh gives you all the cooking tips you need!

Have you been cooking more at home? We're all trying to be better in the kitchen, and this might help if you are a newbie. Bon appetit!

If you are a newbie to cooking, stick with the basics. First, get some tools like pots and pans and a good set of knives. Since some stores are closed right now, anything can be found and ordered online.

Google holds just about every single recipe you could want. If you aren't sure where to begin, why not start with what you already have on hand. Sites like Super Cook and Magic Fridge give you recipe ideas based off of what you already have you just need to check the boxes of ingredients in your fridge, and boom you have recipe ideas you can make! No trip to the grocery store is even necessary!

Stay tuned for more Simplified with Josh McBride episodes!

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