‘Judy And Punch’ Makes Its Way Homes Everywhere | Celebrity Page

You might know the British puppet show Punch & Judy, but the story is getting a new life in the form of a movie!

What To Expect on 'Judy & Punch'

When asked by our senior correspondent Arthur Kade on what Judy & Punch is all about, director Mirrah Foulkes reveals:

"It's essentially a fictionalized origin story about punching Judy, which is a very less so in America but very well known in the U.K. and Australia puppet play. We've basically turned the story of punching Judy on its head, we've taken all of these dark characters that popped up in that puppet show and we've threaded them into a live-action film."

How 'Judy & Punch' Got Its Beginning

Damon Herriman, who plays Punch, believes this project was bound to have success from the beginning, saying:

"Usually, if the script is good, I find if the script is good, it's hard to mess with something that's really really well written. I just had complete faith in them pulling it off."

Acting To Directing: What Performers Should Take Away

When asked by Kade what advice Foulkes would give to young actors out there who do have aspirations to direct, she offers sound advice:

"I'd say just make stuff. Just make as much stuff as you can. Make bad stuff, make mistakes, try and make good stuff, riot if you want to riot. Just make stuff and know that there's going to be stuff that's not good - but if you keep doing it eventually, it'll get better."

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New podcast alert: This one is for all OffIce super fans! An Oral History of the OffIce is coming to Spotify! The show will be hosted by Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) and will feature special interviews from Steve Carrell (Michael Scott), John Krasinski (Jim Halpert) and singer Billie Eilish!

The show that keeps on giving!

This podcast is one of a few recent Office projects, including podcast Office Ladies with Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) and YouTube series Some Good News, starring John Krasinski and guest-starring Steve Carell. It looks like the cast loves Office reunions just as much as we do!

When to listen

So what is this show even about? Not to oversell it, but according to EW, An Oral History of the Office will be a 12-episode podcast available Tuesday, July 14 only on Spotify. On that day, there will be three episodes released, and after that, a new episode will air each Tuesday following.

Iconic interviews and what to expect

As many fans know, The Office was adapted from a British sitcom of the same name, created by Ricky Gervais. The actor and comedian met with co-creator Ben Silverman to start the American version of the workplace sitcom. Of course, the podcast will have interviews from the cast and crew, including Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) and many more!

Listen on Spotify, July 14th!