We’re talking to the Veep cast all about the final season.

Celebrity Page senior correspondent Arthur Kade is at the premiere of the final season for the hit political comedy series Veep. He’s talking to Julia-Louis Dreyfus and the rest of the cast!

On what she hopes viewers will take away from final season, Dreyfus has a simple goal:

“I hope they laugh their asses off! That’s what I hope. You know, honestly, I’m not kidding. I hope they just get a massive kick out of this season, and I hope we surprise them.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Dreyfus‘ costar Tony Hale calls their on-screen chemistry a “gift.”

“The first week we started working together, we could feel that we were on the same page with timing, and we got each other’s comedy, so that was an immediate gift for us. But then the more you work together you really start to gel, and you start to get comfortable and all that.”

Tony Hale Veep

Gary Cole says the magic of Veep is a combination of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the writing, and the fact that the show touches on politics, which he calls a “great fertile ground.”

“I think [creator] Armando [Iannucci] is here and he said ‘What I love to see is people dressed up, in very important positions, acting like children. And I think we achieved that at least most of the time.”

Cary Cole Veep

Matt Walsh admitted to Arthur that his goodbyes to the cast after wrapping the show had some tears.

“It was tears. It was like nine days of—over the course of nine days I was the first actor wrap, and then it was consecutive days. So everybody would show up and we’d cry, then we’d go back to work the next day, and then we’d cry. So it was a real rollercoaster. Julia was the final actor wrap, and everybody was around, and it was a big cry, and then we had champagne and drank tequila in the writer’s room ’til too late in the morning.”

Matt Walsh Veep

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