Sonia gives us a special look at Julianne Hough's rise to the top!

The Female Quotient Spotlight focuses on women in business and media who strive for equality and aim to uplift all women and girls. Today, Sonia casts the spotlight on Julianne Hough, the acclaimed dancer-turned-actress!

You know Julianne from hit TV show Dancing with the Stars, and films Safe Haven and Footloose. While she is a very successful woman, she has had her fair share of losses. It wouldn't be a story of triumph and success if there were only "wins" in her past, after all. She took to Instagram to reflect on her rejections of which, according to her, there were plenty. But she never gave up, and neither should any girl who looks to her as a role model! 

But wait, her story doesn't stop at dance auditions! She took control of her life and started to focus on health and movements, and wanted to help others feel that same empowerment. Julianne muses:

"What I feel is my purpose is to help others feel their greatness that's already in them, to see their perfection without having to do anything."

She chooses to help others through dance, where she truly shines. In her element, she guides others to a deeper connection between mind and body. To Julianne, dance is more than an art form; it is a means of communication, and comes naturally to her. This gives insight into how she can use dance between the mind and body, as another means of communication. 

Clearly, it takes someone with great personal intuition to help others also find that inner harmony. Julianne is incredibly special to have this balance, and this may contribute to her rise to the top. Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient, thinks she is a game-changer, adding,

"Our best leaders are those that inspire, inspiring others around you to be their best selves. And I think that's the most important aspect, and I think that's what Julianne is all about: being comfortable with you.



For more Female Quotient Spotlights, keep to and We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what Julianne Hough is up to next!

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