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As one of the most beloved actors of all time, Julie Andrews has taken on countless iconic roles in her time. From "Mary Poppins" to, most recently, "Minions: Rise of Gru," the Hollywood veteran recently sat down with Vanity Fair to break down the milestones in her career.

Andrews has previously said that the part young people most recognize her for is her "Princess Diaries" character. While already a seasoned professional during the making of the two films, the franchise still marked a highlight of her career, as well as the beginning of co-star Anne Hathaway's journey.

While discussing the "Princess Diaries" movies for Vanity Fair, Andrews couldn't help but gush over how "lovely" Hathaway was to work with, even back then. She stated,

"Later in my career, I made two films: 'Princess Diaries One' and 'Princess Diaries Two.' And this lovely, young, talented actress starred in both of them, Anne Hathaway. It was clear from the very first day of shooting that she was gonna be a star."

Though young at the time and new to her profession, Andrews praised Hathaway's talent during filming, elaborating,

"She was incredibly talented, her instincts were so true, she was very, very beautiful, and just a lovely human being."

Andrews even admitted to taking on a maternal role on-set, becoming a mentor to the then-novice Hathaway. For Andrews, watching her progress was rewarding in itself, as she explained,

"It was great fun to watch her growing and learning, and I kind of think that I probably was a bit of a mum to her, too. And we're great friends."

As for her advice for young professionals now, Andrews said,

"If you love what you do, and you really, really want to do it, then embrace it with all your heart. Because some great good fortune is going to pass under your nose when you least expect it."

Julie Andrews Breaks Down Her Career, from 'Mary Poppins' to 'The Princess Diaries' | Vanity Fair www.youtube.com

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