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"I loved working with him… He's such a good actor."

June Squibb's Latest Role 🎬

June Squibb is chatting all about her new Apple TV+ film, Palmer, and what it was like working with co-star Justin Timberlake.

The Oscar nominee said:

"Everybody goes on about his singing, which is great fun, always, and so good, but he's really a very good actor."

Palmer follows a woman and her grandson as they take in a young boy who was abandoned by his mother.

"To me, it's about redemption…And I liked the idea that they were taking a young man who'd spent some time in prison…Then meeting the boy was somebody who needed him…and they formed a bond that was really unbreakable."

Squibb even shared her love for J-T as a viewer, sharing:

"I love him on Saturday Night Live. I think he's so funny. He does so many wonderful things on there."

You can catch Palmer, streaming now on Apple TV+.

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