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Our Rachel Smith connected with Justin Theroux to hear all about his new Apple TV+ drama series The Mosquito Coast.

The new drama series is based off the 1981 novel of the same written by author Paul Theroux. Coincidentally enough, Justin is now starring in the TV adaption of a book originally written by his uncle.

Rachel asked Justin what it felt like to honor a family member's work in this way:

"Yeah, I mean it's one of those happy accidents. Every now then the stars align and you get to work with a family member."

Theroux also gave Rachel more insight on making the adaption of the book into an entire television series:

"It gives us a lot more real-estate or a lot more runway to sort of update it and get into the characters... I loved the movie when it came out, but if it had any flaws, it wasn't perhaps long enough."

The first on-screen adaption of the book was the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast, which starred Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Andre Gregory, and more.

Rachel also spoke with Theroux a bit about his personal life and his adorable, fan-favorite dog, Kuma.

"Kuma- she has no idea that that happens to her, an inspiration to so many people. But she saved my neck in quarantine that's for sure."

You can catch Theroux in the new series The Mosquito Coast premiering April 30 on Apple TV+.

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