Kacey Musgraves and Troye Sivan


Kacey Musgraves, known for her pop-country songs, and Troye Sivan, known for his dance-pop singles, have collaborated on a new song "Easy" with Mark Ronson as the two sing about still being in love in difficult relationships.

Watch the Music Video Here:

A Vintage Video

The music video for "Easy" is in the style of a vintage tape. Musgraves and Sivan are seen in a worn-down motel room, a hoedown, a neon karaoke bar, and a red and green lit bar.

The lyrics of "Easy" feature lines stating,

"We knew what was under the surface
And lived like it wouldn't hurt us
But it hurt us"

As the two navigate how to stay in their difficult relationships, they take a trip down Nashville at night, finding themselves in various situations in interesting locations.

Not The First Collab

These two aren't new to working with one another. Musgraves recently released a Christmas single titled, "Glittery" featuring Sivan.

The two have been hinting at this second collaboration for a week and fans were finally gifted with "Easy."

Watch the Christmas Special Here:

Fans can stream "Easy" here: https://troyekaceyronson.lnk.to/Easy

Fans can also stream "Glittery" here: https://strm.to/KMGlittery

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