It's time to rock around the Christmas tree!

Kalen On 'Ellen'

After his hilarious videos scored Kalen a guest spot on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the star now has his own viral show, "OMKalen," where he continues to make hilarious food critique videos. His videos have received millions of views!

Kalen's YouTube Channel 'OMKalen' 

Celebrity Page got the chance to speak with the hilarious Kalen Allen about him finding fame.

"The food videos were an accident, you know, like it wasn't something that I was intentionally doing or trying to become a YouTube star. It was just like I had a good feeling that I should make this video and I did it and it went viral and then I did some more and then next thing I knew I was on Ellen."

Kalen Allen Acting In Seth Rogen's New Film

Kalen also has branched into the acting world and received a role in Seth Rogen's new film An American Pickle on HBO MAX.

Kalen's Christmas Album

Kalen is cementing his triple threat status by releasing a Christmas album.

"I just want you to feel good at home because that's where we are, you know. So I hope that people while they're making their like holiday dinners for one, if it's just them in the house, that they just play my music in the background and it just makes them feel good."

The EP features duets with MJ Rodriguez from Pose and Alex Newell from Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

"I wanted every body that was involved in the album and that was going to be in the album to be somewhat connected to the LGBTQ+ community because I often felt that as queer people we're left out of the narrative of Christmas."

For Christmas Sake! is out now streaming on all digital platforms.

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