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Kanye West recently sat down for his first interview since his ongoing divorce with Kim Kardashian. West claims he wanted to tell the world exactly what happened, as his current experience "can't be captured in a headline."

West and Kardashian have four kids together, and are currently sharing custody. West claims that while dropping off and picking up his children from Kardashian's residence, he was stopped by security teams that prevented him from going inside. While West claims it was because Kardashian's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, was over, a representative of Kardashian claims that Davidson has never been to the house nor met the kids, and that West simply cannot show up unannounced anymore.

West also addressed Kardashian and Davidson's infamous kiss on SNL, which he was in the audience for. Kardashian had reportedly invited him to the show, only for him to leave after the monologue. West commented,

"How you gonna bring me to SNL and then kiss the dude you dating right in front of me?"

West also addressed his current dynamic with Kardashian. The two are not in contact, despite living next to each other. After separating, West bought a house directly across from Kardashian's residence, a decision that was scrutinized in the media. West claims he only made that choice so he could stay close to his children.

He said on the matter,

"Nothing with my career, with this rap, with this media, with none of that, that's gonna keep me from my children. And that's what I want everybody to know: Don't play with me, don't play with my children, ain't no security gonna get in between me and my children and you ain't finna gaslight me."

Throughout the interview, West mainly focused on his children. He insisted his kids are his top priority, and that everything he does is for them. He had one last message for Kardashian and the public:

"They can go on SNL and make jokes. They can make jokes in the media. They can plant stories about whoever I'm dating. They can block deals or do whatever that type of stuff, but I'm going to tell you straight up: Don't play with my kids."

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