Karamo Brown of Queer Eye and family are competing on Celebrity Family Feud against Terry Crews! Our Audra Lowe is chatting with Karamo and his family after the show to talk about which charity he is competing for and his best advice on how to win.

To have the best chances as possible, Karamo is competing alongside his son, sister, fiancé and mom. But, this may not be the first time they are competing.

“10 years ago, before I was even in television, we were all just on as a regular family, and we lost, horribly," Karamo says.

Karamo Brown and family competing on "Celebrity Family Feud." PC: @familyfeudabc

Well let's hope this time is not like the last. For now, Karamo has some advice for his family and for future players.

“Have fun…If you come in there thinking about too many different answers, you are going to lose.”

This time, if Karamo is to win, he will be donating his proceeds to OutRight Action International, an organization that supports a cause very close to him.

“There is a lot of negative things happening to LGBTQ people here in our states, but we forget about our brothers and sisters across the world, and so I just want to highlight and show we can all do our part no matter where you are to help other people."

Best of luck to Karamo and his family!

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