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Emperor is based on a true story about African royalty rising against slave-owners in the pre-civil war south. The film stars Dayo Okeniyi and Kat Graham, and the actors spoke with Celebrity Page senior correspondent Arthur Kade about the movie's impact on today's social climate.

Kat Graham expressed her thoughts how unique the story is:

"I have never seen a story like this told in this way about fighting back and really being a huge piece of what sparked the civil war."

Dayo Okeniyi, who plays the emperor, stated:

"I had no idea about who he was and did not know anything about his history at all. So it was a lot of quick education... To make an appearance in Frederick Douglass's autobiography as the way he talks about him, I just felt like this had to be a special person."

'Emperor' Trailer 

Emperor premiered in theaters on March 10th and can now been watched on OnDemand.

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