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Today's #SeeHer spotlight is shining on Star Trek legend Kate Mulgrew.

Mulgrew rose to prominence in the 90s when she graced the small screen as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager. This role cemented Mulgrew in Star Trek history as the first female captain to have a leading role. She is beloved by fans, and now she's stepping back into Janeway's shoes for a new animated series called Star Trek: Prodigy.

Star Trek: Prodigy is the first show in franchise aimed at kids. It follows a group of aliens who stumble upon an abandoned ship which is led by none other than Captain Janeway. She appears as a hologram on the ship and she serves as a guide for the crew of newcomers.

"An altogether new and brilliant trail, isn't it, on this mountain of Star Trek? And Janeway is just terrific. I mean she's so alive. She's so forward leaning. She's so smart."

That was Mulgrew on the return of the fan-favorite character. But voice acting isn't the only new endeavor that Mulgrew has taken on. In addition to lending her voice to Janeway once again, Mulgrew has also assumed a new title: grandma.

"I'm a grandmother for the first time to a little girl. so I would like to sit down with her and see how she responds to her grandmother."

She continued:

"I think that young people will really love this and they may view it in a new way with new eyes. Children will be uplifted. Young people will be uplifted and compelled to aspire."

Speaking of young people, we sat down with Mulgrew's co-stars Ella Purnell and Brett Gray. When asked what working with the acting veteran was like, Purnell said:

"Incredible! She's an icon. She's so eloquent. She just commands the space that she's in, literally."

She continued:

"The main thing for me about the show is find your strengths and your passions and your skills and cultivate them."

Gray had this to say about the experience:

"It's just been super incredible to like sort of jump in and be the new members of this incredible legacy."

You may recognize Purnell from such films as 2021's Army of the Dead and Gray from such series as Netflix's On My Block. Now, the two have been given the opportunity to work with a true trailblazer.

Executive Producers Kevin and Dan Hageman had this to say about recruiting Mulgrew:

"She's so amazing. For us, when we first came up with the show we knew we were gonna have these wayward youth. So we're like 'okay, we gotta have a hologram mentor' and in that same breath it was like 'Captain Janeway!' I don't think it even took ten seconds."

Nickelodeon's Star Trek: Prodigy is available to stream Thursday October 28th on Paramount Plus. For more information on #SeeHer, click here.

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