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Although she was pregnant, that did not stop Katharine McPhee from filming her new Netflix series Country Comfort.

The singer announced on SirisXM's The Jess Cagle Show how she managed to film awhile series while being pregnant undercover. Country Comfort is a live audiance sitcom about an aspiring country singer who takes a turn in her career as she becomes a nanny for a handsome widow.

The filming for her new series was half filmed before the start of the pandemic, only being able to get 4 of the episodes in. Then quarantine kicked into gear and filming had to be postponed. Once the shutdown began, babies were almost inevitable.

"I got pregnant during the whole, being stayed at home order. And when we came back, we were starting episode five," McPhee said.

Katharine McPhee on Filming Pregnant

As they started filming again, there was no room to write a pregnant character into the filming. McPhee explained that Netflix had to work around her baby bump changing the clothing her character would wear to a little more loose.

"The first four episodes Bailey is wearing like really tight jeans and, you know, showing her arms and a little bit of midriff.....and then cut, come back to episode five through ten, Bailey was a little bit more drapey," McPee explained.

Since the show was filmed, McPhee had her baby on February 24th with husband David Foster. Although, the world knew the baby was born three weeks ago, we didn't know the name until McPhee announced it on The Today Show, earlier that morning.

McPhee told Cagle that her husband David Foster "was kind of annoyed" as it was something they could "hold on to that feels private." The name announced of the baby is Rennie David Foster, named after their family with special meaning.

"We were going to name him something totally different, which was a great name, but not something that meant something," McPhee said.

Then McPhee went on the explain how her and David met, which began back in 2006 when she was a contestant on American Idol.

"And I was obviously way too young. I never saw him like that. But I was a enamored, I loved being around him and people love being around him and he's just a great guy," she explained.

She continued explaining that it wasn't until a few years later that they met again in Palm Springs at a tennis court and the rest was history.

McPhees new Netflix series Country Comfort is set to release March 19 on Netflix!

Katharine McPhee on David Foster

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