Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have teamed up in a post-apocalyptic political ad.

A new ad starring couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom shows the couple in an imagined post-apocalyptic 2055 world where democracy no longer exists. Looking weathered, haggard, and distressed, Perry and Bloom go back in time and transmit a message to today's Americans urging them to save democracy.

"You are our only hope. The America you know doesn't exist in our future. Democracy is dead. We have no voice. The regime watches our every move," Bloom tells modern-day Americans as his warning is broadcast across the country.

Perry then explains how voter suppression has ravaged democracy the America of the future, but there is still hope.

Hope lies in the For the People Act. This act, which the Senate will consider at the end of this month, was the impetus for this ad made by RepresentUs. According to the a statement on the organization's website regarding the For the People Act:
"Voter suppression is running wild, but the For the People Act stops it in its tracks. It would protect the freedom to vote, end gerrymandering, and prevent billionaires from buying elections."

RepresentUs is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that aims to protect democracy by fighting against the corruption that threatens elections and other parts of the political process.

The ad concludes with Perry urging viewers to call their senators.

For more information or to support, visit WhileYouCan.Us.

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