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As a pop-star, it's always good to have cameras rolling, you never know what you could catch! Singer-songwriter Katy Perry captured the creation of her recent album Smile, in addition to many big changes in her personal life, like her engagement with Orlando Bloom and her first pregnancy.

Footage From 'Witness' To 'Smile'

According to the Daisies singer, Perry has been building up a collection of footage since 2017, around the time of the creation and release of her previous album, Witness. She tells Daily Star following the release, there were talks about releasing the footage but she then realized that events in her life were getting "juicy."

The star had some trouble with her creative direction after Witness, in terms of making music that her fans would relate to along with music that she wanted, herself. In an interview with Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show, she talks about how the past three years have been difficult for her, but her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, has been able to help her a lot.

Inspiration From Taylor Swift

Back in 2012, Katy came out with documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me, which was focused on her California Dreams Tour. Earlier this year, Taylor Swift released her documentary Miss Americana on Netflix. Perry got inspiration from Swift's personal style of documentary. Perry tells Daily Star that she was impressed by Swift, saying:

"That whole time she's just been documenting intense amounts of footage ,and that's not over one tor or one record cycle."

Stay tuned for more updates on a potential documentary from Katy Perry!

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