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'SNL’ Kenan Thompson Makes History With 1500th Sketch

The comedian has been with the late-night program since 2003.

Kenan Thompson has hit a significant milestone with Saturday Night Live! The comedian and actor took part in his 1,500th skit during his Saturday episode.

Thompson, who first joined the late-night program back in 2003, was celebrated with a shoutout on the official SNL Twitter account. Backstage footage showed Thompson holding up his hands displaying the numbers 1 and 5 to signify his 1,500th skit, thanking the crew trying to hold back tears.

The moment arrived when the veteran comedian, who currently holds the distinction as the longest-running cast member in the show's history with a whopping 19 seasons under his belt, anchored a sketch as Gus Van Tant, the host of a home repair show interviewing people whose home-improvement blunders had turned into major DIY catastrophes.

Throughout the skit, fellow cast members Kyle Mooney and Ego Nwodim and host Oscar Isaac came through the studio with tales of building their backyard pool, punctures septic tanks, at-home electrocution via circuit breaker, and…calling the host out for not fixing up his own home.

The 43-year-old currently holds the title for the longest-standing actor in SNL history and has been nominated for five Emmy Awards since joining the recurring cast.

Thompson shared if he plans to move on entirely from the program.

"I have a certain number I would love to get to," he explained. "I think 20 is a good, round, even number that I'm close to. I feel like that is in reach, but also, it would be respected if I don't get there. Like, 18 is fine, 19 is fine. It doesn't matter. What matters is, will I have time for my family? There's only 24 hours in a day."

If he isn't on the set of SNL, Thompson is starring in his NBC series Kenan where he plays a single father who juggles raising his two daughters and being a morning show host.

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