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Rachel Smith is going one-on-one with Kevin James to talk about all about his new Netflix series, The Crew.

The Crew is a Netflix comedy series about a NASCAR crew and their new boss!

Kevin James shared how NASCAR wanted to be involved in the project since the beginning:

"I was surprised it wasn't done before. I was even more surprised that NASCAR was into it. They wanted to do it, they got behind it, and that sold me. So once they were in, it was just about setting up a really cool workplace comedy in this world," James said.

The movie star also shared which past co-stars he'd like as part of his modern day 'crew.'

"There's not many I would leave out, it's crazy. From Sandler, to Leah Remini, to Jerry Stiller, it's endless. I had a blast with my career. Working with great people is the key."

James also had kind words to say about his new cast from The Crew:

"It blew my mind. We had chemistry right out of the gate and it just felt like butter."

The Crew will be available to stream on Netflix on Monday, February 15th. Don't miss Kevin James and his new crew!

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