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The Emmy Winning Star Is Back On The Small Screen

We loved him in 24 and Designated Survivor. Some of us have loved him since Stand By Me. But now Kiefer Sutherland is back on the small screen...no, not your TV...even smaller: your phone! He's on the streaming service Quibi in a brand new version of The Fugitive.

The Fugitive on Quibi

It takes someone with a lot of guts to tackle an iconic franchise like The Fugitive. It was a hit TV series in the 1960's and then an Oscar-winning film in 1993. The story is simple enough, a man is falsely accused of a crime and rather than surrender he goes on the run. While he's being chased he tries to leave clues proving he really is innocent...hoping by the time the chase ends, authorities will have figured out they're after the wrong guy.

In the aforementioned TV show and movie, the fugitive was a doctor named Richard Kimble. This time around, the man on the run is Mike Ferro, played by Boyd Holbrook. He's seen on surveillance camera at the scene of a subway bombing.

The great Kiefer Sutherland plays the police detective, in charge of the investigation. He is the cat to Boyd Holbrook's mouse...and thus the chase for the fugitive is on!

The series reunites Kiefer with his old 24 director/producer Stephen Hopkins. In other words: it's classic Kiefer Sutherland action and a total reimagining of The Fugitive story.

It's also a genius idea to take one full-length film and break it into 10 minute bites. That's what is so unique about Quibi, nearly every episode of programming they do is 10 minutes or less. In this case, they shot The Fugitive as a movie, but then broke it into bite size chunks, so you can watch an episode on the go or whenever you have a few minutes.

Celebrity Page spoke with Kiefer (see video above) about following in Tommy Lee Jones' footsteps, about his relentless need for action and about this new platform that is Quibi.

The show is a lot of fun to watch, especially in these dog days of quarantine summer.

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