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Killer Motive exposes dark and twisted motives that led to gruesome murders.

Crime shows have been all the rage!

While true crime programs are sweeping the nation, Oxygen's Killer Motive is especially unique for the special emphasis on homicide cases.

"People have a huge appetite for this genre. Killers could be anyone and the motivation is unique in each of these cases," Roberts said.

Emmy Award winning journalist, Troy Roberts, guides viewers through some of the most horrific murders fueled by vengeance, jealousy, fear and greed.

"What is interesting about this show... is it's not about the brutal final act. It's taking the viewer on a journey to the final act," Troy Roberts said.
"What motivated the killer to carry out this diabolical crime?"

While many crime shows highlight the story of the crime, Killer Motive dives into the minds of the killers.

"Motivations [include] vengeance, revenge, greed, jealousy... but the lengths that people go to kill are stunning."

Killer Motive airs Saturday nights on Oxygen.

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