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E! News’ exclusive sneak preview of Killing Eve's latest episode shows Villanelle in a way we've never seen her before.

In Killing Eve season 4 episode two, airing Sunday, Mar. 6, Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) finds Jesus Christ in her tent but, he's not in the form most are used to. The sneak peek shows him wearing thigh-high gold boots, a white robe and a costume halo, as well as nicely done makeup.

"Everyone experiences me differently," the Jesus Christ hallucination says as Villanelle sits on their lap. "I appear to some as an angel, to some as a voice in the clouds and to some as a burning bush."

But for Villanelle, Jesus Christ says,

"I'm you in drag. Does that make sense?"

Only a character like Villanelle can see herself as a more dramatic and stylish version of God. Viewers were surprised when season 4 premiered Sunday, feb. 27, and Villanelle had traded over her gun in exchange for a Bible. She's now a loyal and devoted follower of Christ, telling her priest,

"I have faith I'm not as s--tty inside as some people think I am."

Killing Eve airs Sundays on BBC.

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