If you missed the new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night, don't fret! We're recapping all of the highlights!

Kendall - Kylie Saga

The saga continues! For a brief recap on last week, the Kardashians go to Palm Springs for a weekend, and Kendall and Kylie get into a blow-out fight. Corey allegedly gets involved as well, allegedly cursing Kendall out. In this episode, Kylie meets up with Kris to discuss the heated night, saying "things just got very out of hand."

Corey and Kendall also chatted via phone call, and let's just say… it didn't go over as well. Kendall said:

"I'm definitely not cool with how everything went down, and I feel like, you were the adult in the situation, and you handled it very badly."


Though recently separated from her "baby daddy" (as Khloe puts it) OT Genasis, Malika still decides to enjoy a baby-moon! For those who don't know, a baby-moon is like a honeymoon, but celebrating… you guessed it… a baby! Malika, Khloe and friends take a road trip for a girls weekend filled with gambling at a casino. (Yes, that was during the start to Covid… yikes!) But of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Malika received an Instagram DM about OT, who allegedly was out with a girl.

Malika said:

"He's out at this club and he's out with this girl, and it sucks. All I want to do is have fun, too, but it's uncomfortable when you're pregnant."


After Khloe gets back from her casino trip, she (no surprise) starts to feel sick...and the mask wearing begins! This was back in beginning of the year when people still didn't really know much about Covid-19. Kris even said:

"If you guys are dropping like flies, I'm not sticking around for this...I'm not going to speak to any of you until I see no one with a mask on."

Ah, it was indeed a simpler time.

You can catch Keeping Up With the Kardashians Thursdays on E!

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