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Kim Kardashian revealed on episode 8 of Hulu's "The Kardashians" that Pete Davidson's "BDE," also known as big d*** energy, was what attracted her to the comedian. So much so, that she admitted to sliding into his DMs.

Kardashian decided to take charge and make the first move on former "Saturday Night Live" cast member, Davidson, after she hosted the show in October 2021. On June 2, she finally gave us the inside scoop on how things went down between the two from that day on.

Kardashian confessed that Davidson was the one playing hard to get. After they shared a kiss during a sketch, she described the moment as "Just a vibe." Following the show, Kardashian threw an after-party, to which she was disappointed to see Davidson did not make an appearance.

In a confessional, the reality star disclosed her thoughts after the kiss, saying,

"Oh shit! Maybe like I've been... Maybe I just need to try something different."

She added,

"I heard about this BDE. I need to get out there. I need to just like, jump start my... I was basically DTF."

Kardashian then "called the producer of SNL." She recalled,

"[I] was like 'hey, do you have Pete's number?"

The relationship was one that neither of the two (nor the world) was expecting. The fling grew into a budding romance just weeks later after photos captured the two holding hands at Knotts Scary Farm in October 2021.

She proceeded to share on the episode why she was hesitant to open up on camera regarding their relationship.

"I feel like I just wanted to really make sure and not be like 'Oh my god, I met someone and i'm having fun' and then just like that start talking about it on a show. Then if we weren't talking months later I'd be an idiot. Or a whore, either one."

Davidson made his long awaited debut on the Hulu reality show on June 2, thought it was just over the phone. "The Kardashians" streams every Thursday on Hulu.

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