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Love is in the air. Kourtney Kardashian is officially dating Travis Barker, the famous Blink 182 drummer. Sonia Isabelle is checking in with US Weekly's Christina Garibaldi for the latest.

Garibaldi shares that a source told US Weekly how the two became romantically involved.

"They became friends living in the same neighborhood and they hung out a lot. It helps that their kids's friendship had Kourtney and Travis spend a lot of time together. It seems like they have the kids to thank for this relationship."

And the romance news continues as there's a romantic update on Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: the couple is ready, now more than ever, to finally get married. Another source told US Weekly that the two are organizing everything for the big day.

"They're now working on their handwritten vows and are looking at options for flowers and for cake."

The couple is going to tie the knot at Blake's Oklahoma ranch, where he has just recently built a chapel.

As Valentine's Day approaches there's no more doubt: love is definitely approaching.

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