Kris Jenner To Launch Makeup Brand

Following her daughter's Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian's path, Kris Jenner will release a brand new beauty line. Here's everything we know so far!

Perhaps her daughters's success inspired her, or maybe it's a natural step of grieving for the end of #KUWT, or perhaps the idea came as Kim Kardashian filed divorce from Kanye West..... Whatever the reason, Kris Jenner will release a beauty line of her own.

According to TMZ, Kris Jenner has secured the rights for various names that she'll probably use for her beauty brand. The names are: "Kris Jenner Beauty," Kris Jenner Skin," and "Kris Jenner Skincare."

Jenner has always been supportive of her daughters's beauty lines. Kris Jenner had launched hers back in 2014 called Kylie Cosmetics, partnering with Seed Beauty. On social media, Jenner has posted numerous posts promoting her daughters.

And the Kardashian's power is reaching Russia as well -- Kyle's Skin is coming to all GoldApple stores on March 1st.

Jenner has not yet released an official statement with a date release of her beauty brand, but the products that she'll use are the following -- hair care products, nail care products, false eyelashes, skincare and fragrances.

Let's keep a close eye on Jenner to know more about her new beauty brand. We can only assume that, as for her daughters, it'll be a huge success.

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