Koji and Gustav

Lady Gaga had a big sigh of relief when news hit that her dogs had finally been rescued. And now, Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer, has opened up on social media about the vicissitude.

While Gaga was filming a movie in Italy, Fischer was shot while out with Gaga's bulldogs: Koji, Miss Asia and Gustav. In a social media post, Fischer clarifies his conditions and is grateful for the positive resolution.

In the first part of the post, we can see Fischer completely intubated while the caption explains the devastating feeling for not being able to rescue Koji and Gustav, stolen by the man that led the attack. But Miss Asia never left his side and Fischer even calls her "my guardian angel."

The two men that stole Gaga's dogs had previously asked Fischer to hand over the dogs -- when he refused, Fischer was shot and Koji and Gustav taken away. Gaga had immediately stated that she'd given 500,000$ reward for the person that would bring her dogs back to her.

But Koji and Gustav were finally rescued, when a woman found them tied to a pole miles away from the scene of the crime.

In the second part of the social media post, Fischer is grateful for the people that stood beside him in this incredibly difficult time. He's still in recovery, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. He even addresses Gaga saying "your babies are back and the family is whole... We did it!"

Although recovery is long, Fischer is hopeful and positive that Gaga's bulldogs will greet him the best way they can: "with kisses and licks."

Thankfully, this is a good resolution for a tragic story that could've had a dreadful ending.

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