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WWE fans love watching CJ Perry as Lana in the ring, but now they can see her on the big screen in her new film, Cosmic Sin, alongside Bruce Willis.

Fearless Fighter 👊

She's fighting in the ring and on the big screen!

As a WWE superstar, CJ Perry is known as Lana, The Mistress of Destruction. Now, the fighter is now adding actress to the resume!

"'Cosmic Sin' with Bruce Willis is the first sci-fi movie I ever did. Aliens are trying to take over the world, and humans are fighting for their lives," Perry said.

Fighting is something CJ knows all too well, with five years of WWE experience under her belt. But recently, she had to fight her way back from a serious injury.

"I hurt myself! I want to be back in the ring, I want to be fighting, I want to be champion, you know? They took my opportunity away, Nia and Shayna, my arch nemeses. It was a time to really focus as well and focus on the goals, and I think sometimes when life throws us stuff, we have to kind of be like, 'Ok, why is it throwing us this?' Let's try to adapt and evolve, and become the best version of ourselves in that given circumstance," Perry said.

You can watch Lana every week on WWE and you can catch CJ Perry in Cosmic Sin, which is available now!

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