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Las Vegas Magician Goes Viral With Mind-Bending Trick!

This magician finds a new way for magic shows to live on through social media!

A magician on the Las Vegas strip, Xavier Mortimer, has taken to social media to show off his mind-blowing magic tricks!

The award-winning magician usually performs his insane magic tricks every night at Bally's Hotel in the Las Vegas Strip. Since the pandemic closed theaters, Mortimer has been using his Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages to show off his craft, earning nearly 200 million views in just 6 days!

This defying gravity stunt has almost 200 million views!

In this video, Mortimer performs a classic magic trick with an old antique box!

Watch Mortimer show us another way to get dressed in the morning!

Watch this insane "Devil's Hand" trick with over 60 million views!

Until Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream can open again, Mortimer is providing magical fans all over the world with mind-bending content that you won't believe!

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