The Oscars Promises Change And Reform For Representation | Celebrity Page TV

Big changes are coming to the Academy Awards. As Hollywood continues to feel the pressure to make real reforms, following the murder of George Floyd and the nationwide protests by Black Lives Matter.

The Academy pledging to: "Develop and implement new representation and inclusion standards for" the Oscars. No specifics yet, but promising details by July 31st.

One thing we do know, from now on there will always be 10 Best Picture nominees. Up until now, there had been flexibility with the number of nominees, going between five and ten. The Oscars hoping by setting it at 10 permanently, it will increase the odds that films with non-white stars and creators, will get more nominations.

But we'll have to wait a while longer to find out who those nominees are. Due to Covid-19, the Oscars ceremony now delayed from February until April 2021.

The network that broadcasts the Oscars, also responding to calls for more diversity. ABC announcing, for the first time ever, a black man will be the leading man on The Bachelor. Matt James chosen for the role, many say is long overdue.

Also at ABC, a season 2 renewal for the series, For Life, which focuses on criminal justice reform.

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