Lauren Holly Chats "Bucket List" Role On 'Tiny Pretty Things' & Compares It To 'Dumb And Dumber' | CP

The Hollywood actress is getting candid on her biggest roles!

Lauren Takes Control In 'Tiny Pretty Things' 👑

You've seen Lauren Holly in a plethora of hit TV shows and movies! NCIS, Picket Fences, What Women Want... and more projects certainly come to mind.

Now, the talent actress is cracking the whip! Holly stars as Monique DuBois, the director of a prestigious ballet academy, in the new Netflix drama series Tiny Pretty Things.

"[Monique DuBois] is a bucket list part. She was a prima ballerina in her day, and it was a different era, and now she's trying to make herself relevant," Holly said.

However, Holly may be most known for her starring role as Mary Swanson in Dumb and Dumber. Our social producer, Ricky Cornish, asked Holly how her new Netflix role compared to working alongside the hilarious Jim Carrey.

"Put it this way. There weren't as many laughs!"

Tiny Pretty Things is streaming now on Netflix.

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