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The country star is bringing the party to a city near you!

Lee Brice took over country radios with his latest chart-topper, "One of Them Girls."

The lead single from his fifth album, Hey World, spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in October 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, Brice didn't have the opportunity to perform the song on tour.

"A year and a half goes by, we've had three songs out, so I haven't really been able to feel what those songs feel like coming from a crowd. To me, there's still new songs even like "One of Them Girls," that I haven't really heard crowds singing," Brice said.

Now that the time has finally come for live music, Brice is relieved to be back on the road.

"These crowds are just crazy 'cause they've been crazy wishing and hoping and waiting for live music."

While touring, the star is also working on new music.

"Where I'm at, I'm always thinking about the next record. I've got a studio full set up on the bus, working on making music, working on making our show bigger and better. That's what my goal is...to play bigger and better spots."

For fans who haven't seen Brice on the road, the singer has a little sneak peek.

"We've got a lot of new stuff that we're playing that's off this record. Honestly, on another note, we're just having a lot of fun out there because it's impossible to not have fun whenever you got people out there as riled up as they are, ready to rock."

You can see if Brice is coming to a city near you by visiting his website here.

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