Leslie Odom Jr. was Aaron Burr in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, now he's back to perform one of the character's biggest songs, but in a different context.

"Wait For It" is the 13th song of Hamilton's first act, and a favorite of many, including Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. When speaking to Grantland Miranda stated:

"Wait for It" and "The Room Where It Happens" are two of the best songs I've ever written in my life and [Leslie Odom Jr.] got them both.

The song in its original context— from the record breaking, Tony-Award winning musical—is sung by Aaron Burr as he contemplates his misfortunes and difficulty with watching Hamilton succeed. He ultimately makes a decision to be patient and wait for his time to come.

Leslie Odom Jr. appeared on RepresentUs on November 2nd to perform "Wait For It" for an election PSA video.

The video is to raise awareness that election results may take time this year, and along with singing the song, Leslie Odom Jr. also makes spoken statements about the 2020 election and results. In addition to Odom, there's a collection of videos from many Americans from across the country, sometimes holding up signs that say "wait for it." Odom makes a clear statement:

Look, this is pretty clear: every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard. In this historic election, millions of you have mailed in your ballots or dropped them off, and all of us deserve to be counted . . . Voting is one of our fundamental rights; counting votes is a foundation of democracy. It may take time, but your vote is worth waiting for.

He then continues, finishing his strong statement with a call back to the song:

And I'm willing to wait for it.

Odom tweeted the video as well. Thousands have shared the video including celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leonardo Di Caprio, Amy Schumer, Debra Messing, and more.

This year more than ever, people are voting by mail. Due to COVID-19, many states have broadened access to mail-in-voting. This was important and is great to give more people access to safe voting in these times, unfortunately, mail-in votes take longer to count.

Different states also have different rules when it comes to counting ballots: some allow officials to begin processing them before election day, while others, like Pennsylvania, require officials to wait until Tuesday.

Additionally, likely due to Trump's (unfounded) claims of voter fraud from mail-in-voting, polls show that Democrats or Biden supporters are far more likely to vote by mail than Trump supporters. This means that counting mail-in ballots will likely skew to favor Biden, while in-person votes will show stronger Trump support. Slow ballot counting, especially in crucial swing states, may make election results take longer than we'd like, but once you've done everything you can to make sure you and everyone you know has voted, the best thing we can do is, as they say, wait for it.

This election is one of the most important of our lifetimes, and it's also one that may be the most drastically different from previous due to the circumstances. It's important that we are patient in waiting for results and make sure every voter is counted, because it matters more than ever this year. Leslie Odom Jr.'s consistently incredible vocals and strong message are here to remind you of that. We urge you to stay safe on election day and the time following, and if you haven't already, get out and vote, now! There are many voter resources available; if you haven't registered to vote yet, check your state's guidelines, as in many places you will be allowed to register in person and vote day of. Your vote matters and deserves to be counted.

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Las Vegas Unveils New Gateway Arches

Move aside St. Louis...Las Vegas is stepping up their arch game!

Las Vegas has long been known as the home to bright stars and even brighter lights. As one of the entertainment capitols of the world, the Nevada city receives just shy of fifty million tourists each year.

Now the city has added yet another spectacle to take your breath away. "The Gateway Arches" is a new 80-foot structure that holds over 13,000 LED lights. The retro Las Vegas sign in the perfect backdrop for a vacation selfie as you visit the city. The arches even play music.

You can see them for yourself along the south end of the strip near vintage downtown Vegas. No matter what your plans are, it's a can't miss attraction on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The entertainment districts in the city took some big hits during the national shutdown due to COVID-19. Now the city is reopening and inviting visitors back into theaters.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas recently brought back multiple shows which had been on an indefinite hiatus since March. David Copperfield, Carrot Top, and more can be seen performing again in new spaced out performance spaces.

We can't wait to visit the arches ourselves when tourism is safe again!