Model and actress Leyna Bloom is making history by being the first transgender person to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Bloom is known for acting in movies Port Authority and Fluidity. She is a model as well, and in 2017 she modeled for Vogue India where she was the first openly transgender woman of color to be in the magazine.

She shared the announcement of her new cover on social media this morning,

In her emotional caption, the cover star said,

"I have dreamt a million beautiful dreams, but for girls like me, most dreams are just fanciful hopes in a world that often erases and omits our history and even existence. This moment is so powerful because it allows me to live forever even after my physical form is gone. Not a lot of people get to live in the future, so at this moment, I'm proudly choosing to live forever."

The statement is alluding to the fact that Bloom is making history as she says she's going to "live forever".

Bloom had a phone interview with Vogue where she talked more about her experience with SI Swimsuit Edition,

"This moment represents that we're going into the future, and this is what the future looks like."

The online issue of the magazine is available today, and physical copies will be in stores starting July 22.

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