One-On-One: Liam Neeson Chats All About New Film 'The Marksman' | Celebrity Page
Liam Neeson is taking the big screen once again with his new action thriller, The Marksman. Celebrity Page TV Correspondent Rachel Smith hopped on Zoom to talked with the star all about it.

Rachel's Latest Conversation With Liam! 🎫

In our latest one-on-one segment, Rachel Smith chatted with Liam Neeson to get the ins and outs on The Marksman.

Starting the convo, Smith said:

"I love that 'The Marksman' has all of the awesome 'Liam Neeson' action that we love... but also, at the center of it, is this really sweet, kind of unexpected story. I have to imagine as a father, was that something really appealing to you?"

Neeson quickly opened about to Smith about his new pivotal role.

"Yes, yes it was. I think I've made 63, 64 films, and quite a few of those, I've worked with children over the years, and it was just a joy to get to work with and get to know little Jacob Perez," Neeson said.

The 11-year-old newcomer took the screen opposite Neeson, but despite Neeson's notably impressive resume, Perez actually hadn't heard of any of his movies... except for one -- Star Wars.

"We were sitting on the truck, and they were changing the lights or something. I think Jacob said.. 'how many movies have you made?'
So I mentioned a few... [he] didn't recognize anything. Then I mentioned 'Star Wars,' and he was like 'You were in Star Wars?!" Neeson said.

Well, no matter if you're a new or old fan of Neeson's, you can see him tackle his thrilling new role in The Marksman, in theaters now!

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