Former One Direction star Liam Payne has officially called off his engagement to model Maya Henry on Monday.

During Steve Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast, Pain revealed the split from the model after becoming engaged for only 10 months. Payne also touched upon topics in the podcast about his entrepreneurship, darkest moments, and previous failed relationships. When Payne was asked if he was single, he bore the truth touching upon much needed self growth.

"More than anything at this point, I'm more disappointed in myself for the keep on hurting people," the 27-year-old singer revealed. "That annoys me. I've just been not very good at relationships and I know what my pattern of things is with relationships. I feel like at this point I'm just not very good at them so I just need to like work on myself before I put myself onto somebody else. And I feel like thats where I got to in my last relationship."

Payne expressed he felt like he wasn't giving the best version of himself to his fiancé and that he feels better out of it.

"I can honestly say that I feel better out of it. I didn't feel good for doing what I did but it had to happen," Pain shared. "I know that's the corniest way of saying it was best for both of us...but it just feels like that."

Payne and Henry first met back in September of 2015 at a One Direction meet and greet that Henry attended and received a group photo with the band. It wasn't until Payne's 2018 split from Cheryl Cole after two and a half years of dating, that he began dating Henry just a few weeks later. Payne didn't confirm his relationship with the model until September 2019 in an Instagram post. Payne and Cole both have a 4-year-old son Bear who is kept out of the spotlight.

Henry has not publicly commented on the split yet, but Payne "hopes she's happy."

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