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Fans of true crime thrillers are loving the new movies on Lifetime! Actresses Stephanie March and Lauralee Bell are chatting all about their latest movies as part of the V.C. Andrews series.

Stephanie March Stars In 'House On Fire' 🔥

Law & Order SVU's Stephanie March is joining a new mystery!

March stars is in Lifetime new film, House On Fire, where a house fire turned into a horrific murder.

"Deborah Green is a physician who is currently serving two life sentences for attempted murder on her husband and killing two of their three children in a house fire that she has been convicted of setting," March said.

The actress also underlined the importance of mental health, which is a vital topic that she hopes audiences take away to help prevent terrible and unexpected outcomes.

"What happens when our better angels don't prevail and we are just put in a pressure cooker and we don't have the kind of mental health help that we need? This is a story of how we all have the potential to go in exactly the wrong direction without the right help."

House on Fire premieres Saturday, March 13th on Lifetime.

Lauralee Bell Stars In 'Ruby' & 'Pearl In The Mist' 🎬

The Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell is also starring in multiple Lifetime movies based on the thrilling series by V.C. Andrews.

"People who watch me on 'The Young and the Restless' only know me as a very sweet girl and my Daphne portrayal during these movies is anything but," Bell said.

Bell also shares the unique experience of bringing V.C. Andrew's books to films for Lifetime.

"The fact is that they're coming out in a way that I believe that they've never come out before... it's like you're binge-watching, but in two weekends in a row."

Ruby premieres on Saturday, March 20th and Pearl In The Mist follows the next night, airing March 21st on Lifetime.

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