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If you're watching "A Little Late with Lilly Singh," you may keep odd hours. You may be an insomniac. Or maybe you're just a fan who has recognized her distinctive brand of comedy and the diverse nature of her show that makes it unique.

Regardless of her time slot on the NBC Network, Lilly will no doubt be pushing the big hand and the little hand toward a prime time audience. Starting her journey as a Canadian YouTuber, Lilly worked tirelessly to build her brand and increase her viewership and her social footprint. YouTube is an extremely competitive platform for creators - Lilly's first channel partner check was about $18. Still she worked tirelessly, gradually building enough of a following that started to move the needle. Making the move from Toronto to Los Angeles in 2015, she became sought after as a brand ambassador and landed some film work.

Personal crises including her coming out as bisexual cast some doubt on the direction of her personal and professional path at a time when she began to attract high profile attention including executives at NBC who were in the process of deciding on how to replace the long running "Last Call with Carson Daly." After being approached about the possibility of taking on a late night talk show, Lilly had to weigh the argument of how a minority woman representing women of color and the LGBTQ community would play in a space dominated by white males. Ultimately the opportunity was worth taking, as it meant as much to Lilly's advocacy behind the camera as well as her work in front..

"I'm a big believer that stories you see on screen should reflect the real world." "Beyond that I do feel a responsibility to give people a shot, who have not been given a shot."

As we look to a bright 2021, we shine our #SeeHerOfficial Celebrity Spotlight on Lilly Singh.


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